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Match2Lists is the fastest, easiest and most accurate way to Match, Merge and De-duplicate your data. With Our Match2D&B option, you can enrich your data with Dun & Bradstreet information on-demand. In just minutes, you can cleanse your data of duplicates and blend raw data from different sources into powerful information.

Data Matching Algorithms

Increase your Data's Match Rate

Our first objective is maximum match results for our customers. Prior to creating Match2Lists, we ran analytics and data visualisation companies and used most "fuzzy" matching software on the market. Unsatisfied by their low match results, we spent 10 years developing the most advanced data matching logic.

Data Matching and Data Cleansing Cloud

Turnaround Match Projects in Minutes

Our second objective is time: enable our customers to spend less time matching and cleansing data and more time analysing and executing. So we implemented our advanced matching logic on the fast in-memory cloud computing architecture we could find, capable of matching 200 million records in 30 seconds.

Match2Lists Visualiser And Control Panel

You Will Find it So Easy to Use

Our third objective: make it exceedingly easy to use. With zero technical skills and no learning curve, anyone in any department can blend their data sources into the actionable information they need. No data bureaus, IT departments or data specialists required. Just you and your self-serve Match2Lists account.

The speed and accuracy of our data matching algorithms is just a few clicks away. With nothing to install and no learning curve, we have made the process exceedingly simple and visually intuitive. Only 5 simple steps means you can start and finish your projects in minutes.

Fast And Easy Data Matching and Data Deduplication

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