5 Steps to Faster Data Matching

5 Steps to Faster Data Matching

What would you do with an extra 15 minutes in your day? How about a few extra hours?

Give yourself the time to achieve more – fly through your data matching like a superhero with these quick tips:

1. Upload your lists and describe their fields
  • Select the file from your computer or upload via ftp
  • Select which country dictionary to apply and prepare the data
  • Map your field names to Match2Lists data types (address, postcode etc)

2. Select the type of project you want to run
  • You can match or merge two lists from your list library
  • You can de-dupe a single list from your library
  • You can match company data to Dun & Bradstreet to append D&B data

3. Wait for your project to process
  • Your project in now in the processing queue for a few minutes
  • Match2Lists data transformations, analysis and standardisation is applied
  • Once your project pre-processing is complete, start the Match Visualiser

4. Use the Match Visualiser to apply match settings and approve the results
  • Iteratively apply different criteria to find more match results quickly
  • You can vary which fields are used and the similarity levels
  • You can then quickly verify the results by each score band

5 . Download the results
  • When you have finished your project, click "Download Results"
  • Then select the fields you want to download from your project
  • Click "Continue", your file will download. That's it. You're done !

We hope you find these quick tips helpful. Until next time, happy matching!P.S. Have we missed out your favourite trick for super-fast data matching, merging and de-duping with Match2Lists? Leave a comment to add your top tips to the list.