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Match2Lists Features

Matching, cleansing and enriching data have become essential tasks in today's data driven world. We designed Match2Lists so you can spend less time preparing your data and more time using it for analysis and execution.

You can Match, Merge and De-dupe millions of records in minutes. Out Match2DnB upgrade gives you the ability to match your data to Dun & Bradstreet's WorldBase of 200 million records and append the fields you need from it.

Here are some of the key features:

Match2Lists takes 30 seconds to turnaround match results and the Match Visualiser lets you verify results in minutes. So you can run several iterations, using different fields and strictness levels, to increase overall match results.

Match2Lists Visualiser and Control Panel

Because Match2Lists is so fast at turning around match results, you can take advantage of this speed to apply multiple match settings in your project. Trying different match settings allows you to incrementally increase your overall match results.

With each match setting or iteration:

1. Select which fields you want to use for matching, and at what strictness level

2. Verify the results by score band and then auto-approve the band that look correct

3. Click refresh charts to see another slice of the grey pie chart turn green with more matches

Achieving Highest Data Matching and Data De-duplication

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