URL Redirect Solutions

404 and URL Site Migration Redirects

A clean, elegant URL scheme is an important work detail in a newly created high-quality Web Site. Match2Lists lets you easily migrate URLs however you want, eliminating 404s and wrong re-directs in seconds.

URLs consist of the following parts:

When verifying URL patterns in Match2Lists, all parts are optional. If a part is left out, it’ll match anything.

Dealing With Site Migration Redirects

If you are changing the structure of a site, consolidating more domains into one, or simply switching to a new platform, then redirect mapping for a website migration is definitely a priority task on your list.

Assuming that you already have a list of existing pages plus the new site URLs, then you are all set to go with Match2lists for site migrations.

Solving 404 Redirect Issues

Pages with a 404 status code are part of the web and no website is immune, hosting at least a few of them. 404 errors have the potential of damaging user experience and SEO.

Match2Lists can help with that, requiring just one simple project review to extract the list of live pages for wrong assignment

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